These are the people who support our cause just as we do theirs. Our Friends and Partners. Plus, some valuable resource sites for Pilots and Earth Angels. If you know of any others that are missing please let us know.

Aopa OnlineThe Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association – International and national aviation news


– Rely on FATA for Florida aviation news and alerts


Child WatchChild Watch of North America
is a 501 C (3) charity dedicated to finding missing and abducted children throughout the United States. “Eye’s of America” is a project of Child Watch, designed to heighten awareness of child abductions and educate children and parents on how to protect themselves.

Krewes KareAngel Flight™ Southeast thanks Pair o’ Dice — one of our new partners in disaster relief, as we coordinated flights of supplies from their “Krewes Kare” distribution points on the Florida West Coast, flying them into the Katrina Disaster Zone. People helping people in the eye of the storm.

FPAPhysicians who fly [and there are many] know the importance of what we do. The feeling is mutual, of course, and if you’d like more information on this fine organization, visit the Flying Physicians Association [FPA] website.

BanyanBanyan Pilot Shop is owned and operated by Banyan Air Service (FXE) and is the largest aviation store in the nation. In addition, offers online shopping, international shipping and various payment options, including PayPal.