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It’s extremely important that our resources go to those truly in need. While there’s no set formula for financial screening, we try to use common sense. In some situations, we will waive the financial need criteria; however, this decision must remain at our discretion.

To find out if you qualify, go to Passenger Qualifications.

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Do you have supplies for disaster recovery?

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Do you want to get started right away or is it after business hours? If yes, you can get our Mission Request Form by going to our “Passengers” web page or just clicking here.

Patients, please ask your social worker or physician to call us Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Eastern time at our Mission Request Hotline (800) 352-4256.

For special assistance, meet Dr. Karl

In need of our services but you reside outside of our five state service area? Please call our headquarters at 352-326-0761. We can supply you with the names and contacts of resources near your area.

Who we are and what we do – visit About Us and FAQ’s.