Become a Volunteer

We are presently looking for:

  • Pilots
  • Fundraisers
  • Event coordinators
  • Wing Leaders
  • Hotline representatives
  • Mission Coordinators
  • Speaker/Presenters
  • Social Network mavens
  • FBO Ambassadors
  • Grant writers
  • Graphics designer/web developers

If you would like to become a volunteer now, just click on the link below, fill out the form and, if you are not a pilot, be sure to click the “No” option for “Are you a pilot?”

Become a Volunteer Now 2014 04-15





To report your hours, click here.

Earth Angels

Angel Flight™ volunteer pilots could not accomplish their missions if it were not for a strong network of good support volunteers known as Earth Angels.

At headquarters they answer phones, coordinate missions and accomplish other vital office-related tasks.

Throughout the state of Florida, Earth Angels take on coordination and other duties at our state Wing chapters.

Now … we need your help! Wouldn’t you know it, every time we turn around, we need more. More people just like you.

If you’re even thinking about becoming an Earth Angel, let us help you get started. Since you probably want to know more about Angel Flight™ Southeast, check out our Earth Angels FAQ.

If you’re already convinced and you’d like to get a lot of satisfaction from doing some great things for some great people, be our next Earth Angel. Please complete the AFSE Earth Angel Application and Code of Ethics for Volunteers.